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AAA Title - Intel 2020 Summer Olympics
VR Content Distribution Application

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Application to be released in Oculus app store April 2020

All VR Content for the Tokyo Olympics shall be distributed through this application

It will be used by all rights holding broadcasters, world wide

Personally responsible for implementation of the following features:

  •     User Preferences

  •     Preference storage and retrieval

  •     Button animation

  •     Background audio and sound effects

  •     Selection menus and interface structure

  •     First time user experience tutorials

  •     User Telemetry & stopwatch configuration across all application operations
    including scene transitions, teleportation functionality, all content access

  •     Content tile configuration and fontography

  •     Oculus Quest controller event mapping

  •     Reticle management

  •     Collider management and panel layout on all content platforms
    and video consumption functionality

  •     Canvas optimization

  •     Performance optimization and profiling

  •     Design specification updates and refinement

  •     General bug fixing

  •     QA support in main branch with sourcetree

  •     Scene management and prefab organization

  •     Outsource team management

  •     Brought application to feature complete status 1 week ahead of schedule

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